Why Loop?

there are many reasons…

very practical:

  • watch the music develop, be part of the development process
  • see each layer happening, its easier to understand than a group of musicians.
  • bring natural sounds, spontaneity together with precision and impact of electronics

or consider this zoom out perspective:

Livelooping is in the gap between electronic and traditional music

Depending on the point of view, LiveLooping means:

  • to automate hand played instruments or
  • to humanize electronically composed music.

The music world is roughly divided between:

  • traditional musicians who spent years to dominate an instrument and hours to rehearse a specific piece and finally record it with a microphone and 
  • electronic musicians who dominate creative computer programs and mount compositions from prerecorded and electronically generated sounds.

of course, many musicians know about both worlds, but they live in one at a time: either they play an instrument or they operate a computer. This has changed with the invention of LiveLooping:
the live looping musician can play, record and compose at the same time!

Some listeners are afraid of technology because they experienced cold music from over digitalized production methods – but then become surprised and pleased with Live Looping.

by Matthias Grob, 2006