For players

if you are a musician but have not tried livelooping yet, here are some good reasons to do so – or to leave it alone 😉
Experienced looping musicians may find some additional inspiration, or skip to the links at the end…

Would you like to :

create several voices with your solo instrument or voice on the spot? or
practice over a chord sequence? or
play all your instruments at once? or
instantly create complex sound clusters out of infinate layers of your instrument? or
mix samples as electronic musicians do, but with your accoustic instrument? or
dive into a huge sandbox for unexpected sounds, new forms of composition? or
improvise relaxed, without needing to play all the time? or
play over a background which you can change while you go? or
know your own music deeper, by listening to it while you create it? or
be your listener while you play? or
are you fascinated by patterns that arise while playing with a digital delay? …the famous opening bass rhythm of Pink Floyds “One of these Days”, or Robert Fripps soundscapes?

Why and how LiveLooping can improve your music

LiveLooping is very different from calling loops from a sampler or operating a recording software:

You can create loops *while* playing *any kind of instrument*!

The precise repetition of what you just played gives you freedom to immediately listen to it, play over it, record over it, with it, fade it, replace it, invert it, chop it up – all foot controlled!

It can be spontaneous, fun, relaxed, surprising and hypnotizing. It can be very simple and pleasing

Many create more complex sound mixtures than reasonably possible with traditional recording technology

Many create complex and challenging compositions they rehearse and perfectly interprete live.

Many use LiveLooping just for practicing over a chord sequence, or to gather and evolve ideas which then become interpreted without LiveLooping.

Many made a living out of LiveLooping as a surprising one-person-band…

Many use loops to temporarily support the sound of the band, others totally base their compositions or improvisations on their freshly played loops…

So, if you want to use Livelooping, you need a tool first. There are free plugins for the laptop and iOS apps to try or even for stage work, but most professionals still prefer to rely on looping pedals and rack units. Lately table top tools have become more common and more and more amps and multi-effects feature looping functions, too!

Then you need to practice and we can help you with loads of hints and tutorials

Once you start sounding good, you can spread through our Radio!

Share your experiences with tools and playing tricks here! we then add your text to a page and gladly put your signature and link as you please…