Look and Listen

Do you wonder what Livelooping sounds like? You can

  • listen to livelooping compilation albums on Bandcamp, or
  • watch some of these videos below (each one is a playlist – look below the video for more in that category) to see how many different ways LiveLooping can be used.
  • listen and buy CD’s that the community created at our Bandcamp page
  • choose musicians on the Player and follow the links on our Musicians page
  • listen to latest creations at SoundCloud! groups are: Loopers-Delight and Live-Looping and Logelloop

Here is a cool selection of successful singers, they often perform alone and create their “band” with Livelooping:

Here is a collection of virtuoso instrumentalists that layer their instrument to make it more complex and dense – as if they had hired more musicians playing just as they do:

Here are some of the pioneers to give you an idea of how LiveLooping can be used to create music that could never be created without it:

Many LiveLoopers go “inside themselves” by exposing themselves to loops and come up with trance-like music that helps the listener to find their peace.

Nick Robinson, looping with Ableton

LiveLooping festivals (such as the annual Santa Cruz based festival where this video was taken), taking place in the US, Europe, and Asia every year, showcase an incredible variety of musical styles, all based on LiveLooping.