Mercedes-Benz on looping

Who would have thought that Mercedes-Benz runs a web magazine “that documents and reflects contemporary culture and a clever, fun way of living”. Whatever … the music department of this magazine contains these articles about looping, both written by Pedo Knopp:

Loop Pedals

History of Looping

It is interesting how many different views on looping are possible. I get the feeling that those parts of my “history of livelooping” article that mention Riley/Reich/Fripp/Eno were “remixed” into this history of looping article, but the author focuses more on DJs, turntablism, and sampling

Four Hours of Livelooping Music

Loopers Delight 12-12-12 project

Loopers Delight 12-12-12 project

Released on March 31st, 2013: four hours of livelooping music!!!

This album was produced by a collective of artists, wanting to mark the last consecutive day in our lifetimes – 12.12.12. So on this day or around this day we came up with a piece, a lot of them 12 minutes long, with the theme 12.

A guide to Terry Riley’s music

Terry Riley

Terry Riley
Photo credits: Terry Riley, 2007 by Winni Wintermeyer
(found here:


The Guardian has a short introduction to the “grandpa” of livelooping – click here to read