My looping rig

Over the last 18 months, I’ve made a gradual transition from rack/pedal to laptop-based rig. Here’s my current set,-up, which gives me almost unlimited flexibility at modest cost. The “looper” device is basic by EDP standards, but still very functional. … Continue reading

Farewell to echoplex…

I’ve finally made the move from hardware to software (plus the inevitable controllers!). You can hear early fruits of this on tracks by my new duo “The Garden” here. It’s been a wrench saying goodbye to my jamman, echoplex red … Continue reading

Ditto X2 Looper

Almost before you’ve got used to the first ditto, an expanded version comes along. We’re looking for volunteers to write reviews of either model, please get in touch…


Welcome to the LiveLooping site! Our aim is to show you what Livelooping is about and how it is made! We have a vast amount of information about devices and methods, plus… Get an idea? Watch and listen! Curious musician? … Continue reading

New Roland Loopstation!

There will be a lot of people checking this beauty out, even if you’re not supposed to use it with your feet ;(

Repeat ’til the cows come home

There’s a new looper at NAMM this year, from the MOOER company. Sketchy details, but a always, we’ll bring you a full review as soon as we can. Thanks to Kris West for the heads up.