HOOLALOOP Festival in Austria

“The HOOLALOOP Music Festival, taking place from 4-6 August 2017 on Scharnstein´s Bäckerberg, is the 1st Austrian Live-Looping Festival. The event is unique, a festival for all, who love extraordinary music, art, culture and regional culinary specialties. The festival combines … Continue reading

Inside the Roland Space Echo

Inside the Roland RE-201 Space Echo “The Space Echo is a immensely influential portable sound processing device used to create echo and reverb effects. This interactive, animated graphic tells you everything you need to know about its inner workings”  

Loopfests coming your way

Here are some upcoming LOOP events. Rocky Mountain LoopFest http://www.rockymountainloopfest.com Sept 24th Mercury Cafe, Denver, CO Sept 25th Castle Lounge, Colorado Springs, CO NW LoopFest http://www.nwloopfest.com Oct 15-16 Rendezvous Lounge, Seattle, WA Oct 17 Analog Theatre, Portland, OR Oct 18 … Continue reading