If you already have a looping tool and want to improve your performance, we have loads of hints for you. We welcome reviews of any type of looping equipment.

  • Controllers and Pedals
  • Hosts for plugins
  • Looping 19″ rack units
  • Looping iOS app’s
  • Looping Pedals
  • Looping Software
  • Looping Tabletops
  • Multi-FX
  • Sound Manglers
  • Touch Control apps

  • If you are looking for a looping tool, these are the basic choices:

    there are many options for cheap pedals, up to studio level table top and rack mount units. After about 2000, the available loop time has increased to the point where you often have more than you need! Watch for sound quality and functions (here is a list of typical functions). It can be hard to know what functions one needs before trying, because looping may inspire you to create music you haven’t dreamed of yet!

    Many do not quite trust computers yet, but there are terrific advantages:

    • most plugins can be downloaded for free
    • save loops immediately on HDD and edit them with DAW tools
    • open as many instances as you want 
    • hosts like Bidule, AudioMulch, Reactor, MainStage… allow random connections
    • rather easy to sync
    • save and organize presets, setups, configurations…
    • some plugins allow special programming of functions (scripting)


    • Latency can be compensated and becomes less fo an issue as computers become faster, but it will stay, and spontaneous operations are always going to be slightly late
    • Computers may not want to work or crash on stage… it helps to use a dedicated computer for this task and use a SSD instead of a mechanical hard disc to boot quicker…
    • Its amazing how easily clicks, crackling and random problems come up and are much more dificult so solve than with analog sound systems where bad contacts can be traced by wiggeling connectors 🙂

    create a loop with tape, either by “gluing” it into an actual loop or runing it from one tape recorder to the next, as Fripp used to do. Or you can use a tape delay like the original Echoplex, they still circulate on eBay. Functions and quality are limited but many have fun with the original analog sound.


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