Controllers and Pedals

this is the hardware page. here you find general directions about the right Control method.

Looping tools that sit on a table or are in a computer usually are operated by external controllers, often a pedal to keep the hands free.
Some tools have MIDI or 1/4″ inputs to allow calling functions that are not or not easily accessible on their own interface.
consider also using a drum pad controller (like Trigger Finger, QuNeo) or a keyboard – great for accuracy and versatility!
touch screens can be even more versatile and silent, although more delicate and dirt sensitive… 

A popular pedal to control a looper that receives MIDI is the Behringer FCB-1010. It is robust and cheap and once programmed, it works for a long time :

more sophisticated and more artistic, also in the sense that we can talk to the person that creates them is the Gordius Little Giant :

very interesting for its size and smartness is the Keith McMillen SoftStep and 12 Step.

interesting also that the creator of those pedals is a livelooper himself and contributed a lot to spread the idea! 
here another looping friend created a work around the big Max app that controls the SoftStep

there are more suitable pedals and loads of hand controllers. please contribute your experiences!


Be careful not to buy a pedal that only sends Program Change! those do not send a button release signal and thus are very limited!

Kim Flint wrote a Footpedal Tutorial for the Echoplex which contains interesting information valid for other units, too.