Looping iOS app’s

its easy to find lots of music apps in the iOS app store, but they do not interconnect!
so if you choose your phone or tablet to be a looper, here are the options we found:

  • Loopy
    probably the furthest developed: great graphics, multiple loops with different lenght, MIDI in for pedal control…
  • EveryDay Looper
    one of the first to come out. 6 tracks of the same lenght. just remember that when you are lost, use a swipe from track 1 to 3 to get back to the menu 🙂
  • RiffBox (free)
    a special app since it detects the loop lenght automatically like its hardware brother. less easy to handle, also because its not adapted to iPad size.
  • VoiceJam (free)
    sophisticated but not quite intuitive interface. interesting for the effects which do not come free
  • Loopr
    basic 4 track looper with MIDI sync out and MIDI pedal in. iPhone size interface (can be x2 in iPad)
  • (the app called Loop creates sound very differently, have a try!)

a major limitation of all those apps are that there is no way to digitally integrate them with other software tools. so they either serve as:

  • just loopers to have fun with, anywhere
  • connect the output with a mini audio connector to some other analog tool
  • connect effect units before the looper using an adapter 

so far the apps that allow to mix several effect modules like AmpliTube or Tabletop do not include a looper

Android as an audio latency problem which depends on drivers that are not made by the Android programmers as explained here and here

Windows 8 promises to be touch oriented. TabletPCs have been around for a while and now come portable AIO. I think those machines will be far more useful for the musicians than the tablets due to processor power, connectivity and plugin structure.

if you are a user of one of those apps, please consider writing a review. eventually we will open a separate page for each app… 

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