Manufacturer’s site out of production, possibly the first multieffect pedal with a looper


I have had a GNX4 for quite a while and I am trying to get into looping for lack of a bass player.  First off, the loops will have a gap if you do not download
the new operating system for the thing (version 1.3)
.  Instructions for how to do this are on the Digitech website.  One of the patches in the new operating system
fixes the hesitation (gap) that is a problem with the stock unit.  I am going to try to use the GNX4 for looping so I can jam with just me and a drummer,
I am not real good at it yet just beginning.  I notice a lot of folks think the GNX4 is no good for looping but I don’t see any mention of the new operating system that
you can download from the internet.  It updates through the USB connection of the unit.  As soon as I updated the hesitation was gone.  I dont know if this
thing will work as a looper for me, I may have to go with a separate dedicated unit to get what I want.  I do think that the click tracks are death if you dont
want to play in 4/4 time all the time so I always turn the click off.  I like more jazzy odd timing stuff.  I wonder why you guys dont seem to have a review of the
GNX4s looping abilities on your website?  You could use what I just wrote as a review if you wish, though I would like to read a review from someone who has taken
it further and is more experienced with looping with this unit.  I bought the extra footswitch that records, erases and lays up to 8 tracks with practically infinite

Steve Schneider

slice 1 Eventide H9