Hosts for Livelooping Plugins

Most LiveLooping software are plugins, so where do you plug them in?

Some stand alone programs also loop and some loop and can host plugins

Ableton Live is the most used. paradoxely its name does not mean it was made for live looping. it was made for live playback of loops, mainly for DJ’s that are not satisfied with just two turntables.
Live can record in real time, but most use plugins for real livelooping with it. its strength is to organise the recorded loops and adapt them in speed and pitch for mixing and switching between scenes of combinations of loops. 

Plogue Bidule, Audio Mulch, Main Stage, Reactor, Max, Pure Data… are hosts that allow to freely connect internal modules, sound sources and plugins – best for those who are used to cable their HW tools as they like, plus they can split and mix signals they way it usually goes wrong in HW đŸ™‚

Motu Digtal Performer was the first host to include a livelooping tool in 1999, called POLAR.
Ableton Live has one since version 8.
Native Instruments GuitarRig has its Loop Machine

should we create pages for each of those hosts? somebody…


Matthias 2013