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“Schleifen” is “loops” in German. Tilman Baumgärtel has written a book (in German) about the history and aesthetics of loops. Here is a review of the book, of course, also in German 🙂

Mind you, this is not a book about livelooping, but about loops, repetitions, in music.


Tilman Baumgärtel: „Schleifen. Zur Geschichte und Ästhetik des Loops“. Kulturverlag Kadmos, Berlin 2015, 352 S.


1000 Years of Reverbs

This blog page of Sean Costello points to a very interesting essay (in PDF format) about the history of reverb.

Sean Costello is known in the livelooping scene as the author of the fabulous ValhallaShimmer reverb plugin (and several other plugins).


Lost Garden Looping CD out

My band Lost Garden (myself and ex-Comsat Angel Andy peake on keys) have their debut CD Cotyledon out now, featuring looped guitar throughout – if you want to hear what Ableton’s built-in looper is capable of, check out the audio samples, then buy a copy 😉

Please share wherever you can, we need the PR 😉