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Ken Karsh and Quantiloop

Ken teaches guitar at several universities in California. He loves livelooping, especially using the Quantiloop app for iPad. Ken is a beta tester for the new Quantiloop version for iPhone.

Quantiloop has four concurrent loops that can be synchronized or not synchronized, and it has a lot of sophisticated features. Ken Karsh uses the IRIG BlueBoard footpedal to switch loops on and off, record, and overdub. He says that Quantiloop in combination with this pedal comes close to the Boss RC-300.

Electric Count a Point

David Cooper-Orton has posted this fine example of how technology can be used minimally for maximum effect. He says:

“So – having spent a couple of weeks now attempting to learn Electric Counterpoint at a painfully inept bar by bar crawl, I’ve also starting to experiment with delays to see if I can approximate the very beginning. Rather liking what happens when the basic pattern is set by a multi-tap delay, which is fed to a second delay controlled by the in-house expression pedal to move between 0 and 100% – all this done on a Zoom G1onx, which is then fed to Neunaber reverb controlled by its own EXP set-up. Quite tidy…”