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Mexico 2020 Online Festival

The annual Mexico livelooping festival was changed into an online festival in this strange year.

• MAYO 18 

Gloop. Multiinstrumentista / Fusión (México).
Minimal Ensemble. Guitarra / Experimental (Francia).
Josh Glenn Experiment. Guitarra, voz / Folk, Alternativo (EUA).
Leonardo Ponce. Violín / Fusión (México).

• MAYO 19 

Johnny Acosta. Bajo / Experimental (México).
Albert Mathias. Electrónica / Ambient Experimental (EUA).
Loops On. Multiinstrumentista / Fusión (Brasil).
Katie Martin. Guitarra, voz / Folk (EUA).

• MAYO 20

Paloma Valencia. Cello / Fusión (México).
The Winkler & The Hare. Guitarra, electrónica / Ambient Experimental (EUA).
Francisco Penilla. Bajo / Experimental (México).
Darkroom. Clarinete bajo, electrónica / Ambient Experimental (Reino Unido).

• MAYO 21

René Morales. Guitarra, bajo / Experimental (México).
Liz Ruvalcaba. Voz / Tradicional Fusión (México).
Dada. Multiinstrumentista / Experimental (Argentina). 
JC Taylor. Guitarra, voz / Folk Pop (México).

• MAYO 22

La Dama Monstruo. Voz / Fusión (México).
Femtohertz. Cello, electrónica / Experimental (México).
Entertainment For The Braindead. Multiinstrumentista / Ambient Folk (Alemania).
Amanda Tovalin. Voz / Fusión (México).
Christer Fredriksen. Guitarra / Fusión (Noruega).
ecnegrU. Electrónica / Dubstep (Francia / Italia).

• MAYO 23

Maytorena. Voz / Dark Pop (México).
Martin Janícek. Escultor / Noise Industrial (República Checa).
Oscar Galoz. Stick / Fusión (México).
Fores Basura. Instrumentos Informales / Urbano (México).

• MAYO 24

Delirium Tremens. Guitarra / Experimental (México).
Laura Stavinoha. Voz, bajo, piano / Pop (Holanda).
La Sierra Musical Enmascarada. Serrucho / Experimental (EUA).
MIDI_Pipe. Piano / Experimental (México).
Diego Janssen. Multiinstrumentista / Candombe Fusión (Uruguay).

• MAYO 25

Rizcazt. Multiinstrumentista / Rock Pop (México).
El Hijo de Tere. Multiinstrumentista / Tradicional-Experimental (México).
James Sidlo. Guitarra / Ambient (EUA).
Eliud Ernandes. Piano, bajo / Experimental (México).
Cocó Ramírez. Música para los puntuales / Concierto para celulares sincronizados (México).

• MAYO 26

Morticai. Bajo / Ambient Experimental (EUA).
Sveppro´t. Voz, teclado, bajo / Experimental (México).
Steve Uccello. Contrabajo, bajo dobro / Fusión (EUA).
COVID RED (Rick Walker). Multiinstrumentista / Experimental (EUA).
Omar Soriano. Multiinstrumentista / Experimental (México).

Terry Riley interviewed by Henry Kaiser

In 2005, Henry Kaiser interviewed Terry Riley for a DVD release of ‘Music with Balls’ that never happened, as ‘bonus material’ for the DVD. Now, with Terry’s permission, he is able to make this fascinating document, where Terry discusses the HOW in addition to many other things, available to the public!

Here is a video of Music with Balls (from archive.org):

2019 compilation album

Started in early 2019 and then being asleep for a while, the Looper’s Delight 2019 compilation is finally here. Listen and download for free on Bandcamp. Please spread the word. And if you are sad that you aren’t on this compilation, you can always start a new one! Take the initiative and find participants on the Looper’s Delight mailing list or the Facebook group

1. The Lucid Brain Integrative Project – Live loving/love looping
2. Gaetano Fontanazza – About Anti-Entropic Fields
3. David Cooper Orton – Nine-Five-Nine
4. Joel Gilardini – Under The Winter Sky (Live at EXIL 10.12.2018)
5. Kävin Allenson – Internicine
6. Mikko Biffle – Pink Bubbles
7. Stephen Scott – Paul’s Legs
8. Jean Quenelle – Ember
9. Andy Butler – Beetle Walks the Earth
10. Michael Peters – Pointing Is Not Enough
11. Fabio Anile – dot-line-dot
12. Darkroom – The Presence Of Heaven

Y2KXX postponed to 2021

Rick Walker, Easter Sunday 2020:

The celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Y2K INTERNATIONAL LIVE LOOPING MAIN FESTIVAL in Santa Cruz and San Jose, California (planned for October 2020) has been postponed until October 19th through 26th, 2021.

We made this decision because of a desire to have solidarity with all of the 20th anniverary celebration festivals in Europe, UK, Asia, the US and Mexico which have all been cancelled for the COVID 19 Virus Pandemic.

All these festival will probably be rescheduled for the Spring and Summer of 2021.

Also, so many musicians have had such a hard time with the elimination of ALL paying gigs in public that many of the returning headlining artists who were coming this October will not be able to come in 2020.

We look forward to doing online performances throughout the rest of the year.

Be safe, loopers! Shelter in Place until it’s safe not to and stay creative.


NOundo – a powerful loop software

NOundo is the powerful livelooping software that Emmanuel Reveneau uses for his utterly amazing ‘Lucid Brain Integrative Project’ music.

Available since 2018, NOundo is a modular multi-input live looping software dedicated to composition and orchestration in real time, developed in Usine Hollyhock by two musicians for musicians. Designed above all for live performance, flexible and open, its simple rules, original architecture and a set of discreetly automated procedures make NOundo a kind of universal machine tape capable of responding to an infinite number of musical situations, from the most conventional to the most sophisticated, with maximum freedom and cognitive comfort.

NOundo and its manual can be downloaded here: http://www.sensomusic.org/addons.php
To join the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/NOundo/

General presentation:

Minimalism demo:

In his latest video, Emmanuel shows that NOundo can also be used to emulate some of Andre LaFosse’s Echoplex Digital Pro (EDP) tricks:

Modern Micro-Looping/Glitch Pedal Sounds with the Echoplex Digital Pro

Andre LaFosse steps out of his comfort zone, surveys the newer generation of granular micro-loop gear – the Hexe Revolver, Montreal Assembly Count to Five, Red Panda Tensor, Chase Bliss Mood & Blooper, etc. – and tries to access that sound world using the EDP.

The new breed – 0:16
Strategy and disclaimers – 1:25
EDP functions and settings – 2:26
Reviewing single-cycle multiply – 3:14
Approach #1 – 4:02
Remultiply and windowing – 5:20
Carving holes in the loop with feedback – 8:13
Approach #2 – 13:30
Fear of the new b/w getting over myself – 21:22

Many thanks to Knobs for helping me navigate this strange and new (to me) world. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCarx…

Deep thanks to the following Patreon supporters for helping to finance this tutorial.