Brand: ammoon
Max. Loops: 10 independent loops
Each Loop’s recording Time: max. 10 minutes
Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz/ 24bit
Input Jacks: 2 * 1/4″ TRS jacks(L & R), 1 * 1/4″ TRS Jack(for external foot controller)
Output Jacks: 2 * 1/4″ TRS jacks(L & R)
Power Supply: DC 9V 140mA (center minus)
Fade Out Time: 0(stop immediately), 1(1s), 2(2s), 3(3s), 4(5s), 5(10s), 6(15s), 7(20s), 8(25s), 9(30s)

  • Compact and powerful stereo looping pedal, high quality uncompressed audio: 24-bit A/D/A, 44.1KHz sample rate and unlimited overdubbing.
  • 10 selectable, independent loops, and each loop’s recording time is up to 10 minutes.
  • True stereo connections allow looping of 2 separate instruments simultaneously.
  • Reverse, 1/2 speed, undo/redo and fadeout effects all easily controlled via the dual footswitches.
  • A 3rd footswitch can be added via the ext input for even more hands free control.
  • Perfect for practice and live performance.

Joel Gilardini Review
I just got an Ammoon Stereo Looper unit, and I wanted to give you my thoughts about it. For 60$ you get a cool unit, simple looper, with 10 memory banks to store loops, undo/redo, reverse and half speed. In a way it’s a kind of a clone of the EHX 720. The only down side it that you can’t set the recording flow to be rec > dub > play. It does only Rec > Play > Dub (the manual says nothing about this, and I tried every button combination when starting the unit, like with the 720, but nothing changes). But for
the price you pay, you know what you get.