Mobius was originally conceived as an emulation of the Echoplex Digital Pro hardware. While the basic features do show this history to some extent, the idea of an emulation was abandoned in favour of creating a unique and powerful software.

It works on Win and OSX and can be used as standalone App or VST or AU plugin

Per Boyson says:

I use the subcycles setting for looping in different time signatures and it works flawlessly the way I use Mobius. If you catch loops by full bars from your playing the time signature of your playing will also be heard in the loop you are creating. The typical Mobius actions where a time signature proper subcycles setting is needed would be stuff like for example doing SUSSubstitute to imply machine-like grooves. I use a number of quick buttons/foot pedals to swap between a number of settings:

subcycles = 16 for playing in 4/4,
subcycles = 10 for playing in 5/4,
subcycles = 12 for playing in 3/4 and 6/8,
subcycles = 14 for playing in 7/4,
subcycles = 9 for playing in 9/4,

My setup allows for (mostly) an eighth note resolution but you may  decide on a different resolution if you like. It’s all up to what music you want to make. Oh, I also have a “super button” that switches the current subcycles setting to a 64th note, or a 128th note, duration and I use this for granular looping/processing.


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