The 60 Second Deluxe is the latest iteration of 60 Second Delay. from Expedition Electronics.  At its heart it’s a sound-on-sound “Frippertronics” style delay, but covers effects ranging from resonator through chorus, echo, and extended looping.  It has all the features of the previous version (described below) as well as new options for interfacing, quiet “soft” foot switches, and a Tone control to shape the frequency spectrum of the repeats

The 60 Second Delay is a “Frippertronics” style looping delay. Notice there’s no record/play footswitch. It’s essentially like setting up a long tape loop or just having an old school delay with excessive amounts of memory. Which means changing the delay time changes the sampling rate, just like analog delays and early digital units. It’s great for long evolving soundscapes and experiments.