Electric Count a Point

David Cooper-Orton has posted this fine example of how technology can be used minimally for maximum effect. He says:

“So – having spent a couple of weeks now attempting to learn Electric Counterpoint at a painfully inept bar by bar crawl, I’ve also starting to experiment with delays to see if I can approximate the very beginning. Rather liking what happens when the basic pattern is set by a multi-tap delay, which is fed to a second delay controlled by the in-house expression pedal to move between 0 and 100% – all this done on a Zoom G1onx, which is then fed to Neunaber reverb controlled by its own EXP set-up. Quite tidy…”

PD Looping on the Organelle

Livelooping meta-trombonist Sylvain Poitras is also a software wizard.
Here are two videos demonstrating Pure Data patches, played on the Organelle:

As a bonus track, here is the amazing piano improvisation he came up with recently when his cold was so bad that he couldn’t play trombone:

and of course, his meta-trombone as performed on the 2013 Cologne livelooping festival: