“Best Live Loop Artist” Vote

I don’t know why it is so important to declare someone the “best” but the enthusio website makers have made this their motto.

You can still vote for the “best live loop artist” until June 1st, 2018. The entries contain members of our community (Randolf Arriola), a few great other musicians who aren’t active here, and several people that I haven’t heard of but who are great I’m sure 🙂

2018 livelooping festival season

After the Mexico and Europe festivals in May/June, here is what happens next:

Providence Y2K International Live Looping Festival

The Only East Coast Y2K live electronic looping festival, at Providence’s leading art space AS220 from October 12-13, 2018

California – this year’s Y2K18 festival in Santa Cruz will happen from 26th through the 28th of October

Ken Karsh and Quantiloop

Ken teaches guitar at several universities in California. He loves livelooping, especially using the Quantiloop app for iPad. Ken is a beta tester for the new Quantiloop version for iPhone.

Quantiloop has four concurrent loops that can be synchronized or not synchronized, and it has a lot of sophisticated features. Ken Karsh uses the IRIG BlueBoard footpedal to switch loops on and off, record, and overdub. He says that Quantiloop in combination with this pedal comes close to the Boss RC-300.