HOOLALOOP Festival in Austria

“The HOOLALOOP Music Festival, taking place from 4-6 August 2017 on Scharnstein´s Bäckerberg, is the 1st Austrian Live-Looping Festival.

The event is unique, a festival for all, who love extraordinary music, art, culture and regional culinary specialties. The festival combines art and the 5 elements of nature in a harmonic experience, for young and old.

On the festival site with a wonderfully refurbished farmyard as its center, located in picturesque surroundings, artists from all over Europe will come together for three days in August to present their solo- and duo-performances in Live-Looping.”

There are eight livelooping acts plus workshops. The festival is financed by crowdfunding.

Karmafree (LVA)
Loopissimo (Ö/AUS)
Alex Taylor (E)
Fabio Anile (IT)
Cathrin Pfeifer (D)
Florian Zack & Conrado Molina (A/ARG)
Klaus Gesing (D)
LÜFTEN mit Andi Fränzl & Rainer Binder-Krieglstein (Ö)

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