Modern Micro-Looping/Glitch Pedal Sounds with the Echoplex Digital Pro

Andre LaFosse steps out of his comfort zone, surveys the newer generation of granular micro-loop gear – the Hexe Revolver, Montreal Assembly Count to Five, Red Panda Tensor, Chase Bliss Mood & Blooper, etc. – and tries to access that sound world using the EDP.

The new breed – 0:16
Strategy and disclaimers – 1:25
EDP functions and settings – 2:26
Reviewing single-cycle multiply – 3:14
Approach #1 – 4:02
Remultiply and windowing – 5:20
Carving holes in the loop with feedback – 8:13
Approach #2 – 13:30
Fear of the new b/w getting over myself – 21:22

Many thanks to Knobs for helping me navigate this strange and new (to me) world.…

Deep thanks to the following Patreon supporters for helping to finance this tutorial.

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