The 11-11-11 Project

Looper's Delight 11-11-11 project

Rick Walker’s original project proposal on Looper’s Delight, posted on October 24, 2011:

“That everyone on this list who feels like it, sets up their live looping rig somewhere and on Friday, November 11th at either 11:11 a.m. or 11:11 p.m. They commence to play and record a live looping piece of music that last exactly 11 minutes long. Put an alarm clock up in front of you while you play. This will be an 11 minute piece of music on 11/11/11 at 11/11 a.m. or 11/11 p.m., wherever one lives”

The project was finally released on Bandcamp, and, not surprisingly, contains 11 tracks.


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