The birth of a site

Welcome to the new site for the LiveLooping group. The site is still very much under construction, but we’d welome comments about any aspect of the site – navigation, content, absent content etc. Changes will come thick and fast over the next few weeks, but every loop starts with the first note (or hit, or bleep)!

Here is what we are already working on, so no need to suggest that 🙂

– a audio player so the visitor can listen to our music while he surfs and reads
– an subscription page for LiveLooping musicians to join the Musicians list
– the Event page so any artist can post
– we hope to find volunteers to correct the Matthinglish on most pages
– we will invite you to write about gear, new or old

if you have new ideas or observe mal-functioning (dead links…) please comment and we add to the list.

The LL team.

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