2019 compilation album

Started in early 2019 and then being asleep for a while, the Looper’s Delight 2019 compilation is finally here. Listen and download for free on Bandcamp. Please spread the word. And if you are sad that you aren’t on this compilation, you can always start a new one! Take the initiative and find participants on the Looper’s Delight mailing list or the Facebook group

1. The Lucid Brain Integrative Project – Live loving/love looping
2. Gaetano Fontanazza – About Anti-Entropic Fields
3. David Cooper Orton – Nine-Five-Nine
4. Joel Gilardini – Under The Winter Sky (Live at EXIL 10.12.2018)
5. Kävin Allenson РInternicine
6. Mikko Biffle – Pink Bubbles
7. Stephen Scott – Paul’s Legs
8. Jean Quenelle – Ember
9. Andy Butler – Beetle Walks the Earth
10. Michael Peters – Pointing Is Not Enough
11. Fabio Anile – dot-line-dot
12. Darkroom – The Presence Of Heaven

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