About veloopity

Michael Peters is a guitarist and livelooper from Germany (near Cologne)

Introduction to Frippertronics

A talk about the tape based delay/feedback system called “Time Lag Accumulator” by Terry Riley or “Frippertronics” by Robert Fripp, followed by a short demonstration. This was recorded during the LoopJubilee festival in Paris in May 2014 youtube link

Silly EDP tricks

There are so many incredible things that can be done using a looper that go beyond simple livelooping. These tricks can be explained in written form but the most effective way to teach them probably are demo videos. Phil Clevenger … Continue reading

Mercedes-Benz on looping

Who would have thought that Mercedes-Benz runs a web magazine “that documents and reflects contemporary culture and a clever, fun way of living”. Whatever … the music department of this magazine contains these articles about looping, both written by Pedo … Continue reading