About veloopity

Michael Peters is a guitarist and livelooper from Germany (near Cologne)

DIY Cassette Tape Echo

“The cassette tape echo employs the same basic principle as legendary vintage units like the Roland Space Echo or more primitive reel-to-reel tape echo setups, but using much cheaper and more readily-available used cassette technology” DIY Cassette Tape Echo


“Schleifen” is “loops” in German. Tilman Baumgärtel has written a book (in German) about the history and aesthetics of loops. Here is a review of the book, of course, also in German 🙂 Mind you, this is not a book … Continue reading

Happy 80th birthday, Terry Riley

Terry Riley, father of livelooping, turns 80 today (June 24, 2015). We would not be here without him. At 80, Terry Riley is a happy man Terry Riley Full Interview – December, 2008 from Picoas Project on Vimeo.