About veloopity

Michael Peters is a guitarist and livelooper from Germany (near Cologne)

Happy 80th birthday, Terry Riley

Terry Riley, father of livelooping, turns 80 today (June 24, 2015). We would not be here without him. At 80, Terry Riley is a happy man Terry Riley Full Interview – December, 2008 from Picoas Project on Vimeo.

When the One comes around

Californian multi-instrumentalist Eli Salzman wrote a wonderful little article on how livelooping changed his music life: “When the One comes around – How a Singer / Songwriter was changed by a pedal”  

Introduction to Frippertronics

A talk about the tape based delay/feedback system called “Time Lag Accumulator” by Terry Riley or “Frippertronics” by Robert Fripp, followed by a short demonstration. This was recorded during the LoopJubilee festival in Paris in May 2014 youtube link