Mobius documentation and scripts

Mobius is probably the most versatile software looper on the market. Its architecture is very close to Matthias Grob’s Echoplex Digital Pro.

Part of the versatility of Mobius is that its functionality can be enhanced by programming scripts.

Here is such a script, written by Per Boysen:

# Per Boysen
# Time Warp 12
# This script jumps between HalfSpeed and NormalSpeed while staying in Overdub
# Mode. The pitch is transposed one octave so whatever you play will end up -
# kind of - musical to the already looped audio. I also have a "Time Warp 6"
# scipt that is similar but goes a bit slower - gives a different groove to the
# texture. The effect of these Time Warp scipts does also differ depending on
# which speed/rate you are in when you execute the script.

!name Time Warp By 12
Variable save8thsPerCycle $8thsPerCycle
set 8thsPerCycle 12
repeat 12
Wait subcycles 1
set 8thsPerCycle 16 $save8thsPerCycle

Livelooping hero Bernhard Wagner has created a Github page to collect Mobius scripts.

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