DIY Cassette Tape Echo

“The cassette tape echo employs the same basic principle as legendary vintage units like the Roland Space Echo or more primitive reel-to-reel tape echo setups, but using much cheaper and more readily-available used cassette technology” DIY Cassette Tape Echo


“Schleifen” is “loops” in German. Tilman Baumgärtel has written a book (in German) about the history and aesthetics of loops. Here is a review of the book, of course, also in German 🙂 Mind you, this is not a book … Continue reading

Happy 80th birthday, Terry Riley

Terry Riley, father of livelooping, turns 80 today (June 24, 2015). We would not be here without him. At 80, Terry Riley is a happy man Terry Riley Full Interview – December, 2008 from Picoas Project on Vimeo.

When the One comes around

Californian multi-instrumentalist Eli Salzman wrote a wonderful little article on how livelooping changed his music life: “When the One comes around – How a Singer / Songwriter was changed by a pedal”